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Q: Do you charge for estimates?

A: No. Estimates are completely FREE and there is no obligation to sign. Our estimators are there to answer all your questions and to help you make an informed decision. 

Q: How can I recognize when my roof system has problems?

A: Normally, roof system problems are discovered after leaking or other serious damage occurs. Periodic (twice-a-year) inspections often can uncover cracked, warped or missing shingles; loose seams and deteriorated flashings; excessive surface granules accumulating in the gutters or downspouts; and other visible signs of roof system problems. Indoors, look for cracked paint, discolored plasterboard and peeling wallpaper as signs of damaged roof areas.

Q: When do you know it's time to replace your shingle roof?

Generally speaking, new shingled roofs should last upwards of 20+ years. However, many factors, such as proper installation, climate, and ventilation, impact the life of your roof.

Even if your roof shows signs of the symptoms shown below, you may not need a total roof replacement. Leak Masters Roofing Repair Contractors can give your roof a thorough examination and let you know if you are in need of a new roof, or just a few repairs. 

Q: I have a roof leak. Do I need to have my roof replaced completely?

A: Not necessarily. Leaks can result from flashings that have come loose or a section of the roof system being damaged. A complete roof system failure, however, generally is irreversible and a result of improper installation or choice of materials or the roof system installation is inappropriate for the home or building or deterioration of the roof after many years. 

Q: Can I do the work myself?

A: Most work should not be done yourself. We are trained to safely and efficiently repair or replace roof systems. You can damage your roof system by using improper roofing techniques and severely injure yourself by falling off or through the roof.

Maintenance performed by you should be confined to inspecting roof systems during the fall and spring to check for cracked or curling shingles and cleaning gutters filled with dead leaves and other debris. 

Q: How long can I expect my roof system to last?

A: Most new roof systems are designed to provide useful service for about 20 years. Some roof system types, such as slate, clay tile and certain metal (e.g., copper) systems, can last longer.

Actual roof system life span is determined by a number of factors, including the South Florida sun and rain, proper building and roof system design, material quality and suitability, and proper application and adequate roof maintenance.

Q: What will a new roof system cost?

A: The price of a new roof system varies widely, depending on such things as the materials selected, home or building, and location of the home or building (due to city building permit costs). 

For each roofing material, there are different grades and corresponding prices. There also are a variety of styles and shapes. You need to look at the full product range and make a choice based on your budget and needs.

Q: What warranties does Leak Masters offer?

A: There are 2 types of warranties that all new roof systems receive. The manufacturer's warranty, which is the 1st one, that depends on what type of materials you decide to use for your roof. (i.e. shingle, tile, metal) This warranty is given to you by the manufacturer of the materials used on your roof and normally ranges from 20 years to lifetime warranty. 

Secondly, we at Leak Masters Roofing will provide you with a warranty on workmanship. Typically, this will cover installation and related issues.  There is no industry standard on workmanship warranties but most South Florida roofing contractors will offer you 1 to 2 years warranty.  We, at Leak Masters, have been known to offer 5 years warranty on new roofs and re-roofs and we even offer warranties on most repair jobs.